Quick Repairs and Emergency Folding SAIL RENTAL

Are you in Val di Fassa to fly? Have you noticed that you haven't folded the emergency for a long time or that you don't even know what emergency you have and if it is suitable for you? Did a line break on take off or did you make a small tear in the glider?

If you need Quick Repairs and Emergency Folding, come to us landing in Campitello and we will fix everything. As far as emergencies are concerned, we can fold it for you in the day, if instead you want some advice on the emergency parachute, know that Jimmy is certainly one of the leading experts in this field, given his countless SIV courses he has acquired an experience that allows him to know how to best advise you on everything related to this field. If you finally come to the conclusion that your emergency has become old and obsolete or is simply not the right size for you, remember that we are also resellers, so ask us for a quote.

If, on the other hand, you need a quick repair, bring us the glider and we'll see if we can intervene.

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Are you in Val di Fassa but for various reasons you don't have your flight equipment with you? Come to us and we will be able to offer you a wide range of rental equipment, hoping to have what suits you. Of course, you will need to be in possession of a valid patent and insurance.

Contatct us at +39 335 67 57 667

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Fassa fly riparazioni veloci e ripiegatura emergenza

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