Let's start with what an XC flight is.

XC flight is by concept a flight in which by taking advantage of updrafts, an attempt is made to perform a given path of several kilometers, which can be from 10km to as much as 600km.

Put like that it sounds simple, but in reality there are so many variables, what affects most are two fundamental factors, the weather and the pilot's ability. Then clearly affects the type of glider (competition and that is high-performance, school, two-seater), the morphology of the terrain in which you fly (in the mountains due to various currents and breezes of the valleys it is not possible to reach distances as in the plains where the wind blows in one direction and the absence of mountains greatly limits the possible turbulence due to underwinds).

That said, the Alps are paradise for Paragliding, because besides the abundance of updrafts you can enjoy breathtaking views and especially here in the Dolomites this is even more accentuated by the most beautiful mountains in the world. This year gave us an exceptional spring and below we will put the link to view some of the flights made by our pilots with some spectacular photos.

These types of flights in a smaller form can also be done in tandem paragliders, clearly it should be planned according to the weather conditions and looking for easily achievable goals to keep the safety level high and make this type of experience as enjoyable as possible.

Are you interested? Call or contact us to plan your dream, Fassafly with its experienced pilots will know how to please you.


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