Hike and Fly Dolomiti

HIKE and FLY in the Dolomites or walking and flying, that is, climbing on foot with all the equipment on your shoulder and then taking off, to experience the thrill of flight associated with trekking, all to make it a truly special combination. You can do it with our single equipment or even in two-seater, below we will insert the routes present in Val di Fassa, to give an idea to those who would like to try this practice together with us and therefore in two-seater or those who already fly alone and autonomously wants to experience a hike and fly adventure in the Dolomites. Watch the video.


Sas Pordoi Piz Boè

Sas Pordoi Piz Boè:

The ascent to Piz Boe can be done from a variety of points with a variety of elevation gains, primarily by taking advantage of the cable car from the Pordoi Pass, from the top of sas Pordoi with an elevation gain of only 350mt on an expert hiking trail.

From the Pordoi pass all on foot via the forcella, 900mt elevation gain
From the Pordoi pass via the Piazzetta via ferrata (quite hard ferrata) 900mt of elevation gain
From Pian de Schiavaneis through the Lasties valley 1300mt elevation gain
From Canazei through the path leading to the Pordoi pass and from there to the fork and the summit 1700mt of altitude difference
See map for route
Takeoff, it is very stony and has two exposures, the one to the east is wide with plenty of choice for the spot and will probably be fine in the morning, the one to the west is located below the terrace of the refuge, it is much more technical, both are easier if there is snow present to avoid the jamming of the lanyards.

Col Rodella

Col Rodella:
Surely the easiest point for this practice, given the presence of the official take-offs. There are various ways to go up to Col Rodella, here we will insert two, one from Campitello and one from Canazei.

We recommend starting from the official landing in the locality of Ischia, from here we head to the center of the town and then head to the locality of Pian (a small village overlooking Campitello), continuing with convenient signs for the Des Alpes refuge or in any case Col Rodella.

  • Difference in altitude: 1000 mt
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: hours2
  • Take-off: presence of several take-offs with various exposures

You park near the Caminetto hotel at the beginning of the town of Canazei coming from Campitello, from here you go towards the center along the state road and then turn left towards the Tirol hotel (about 300m from the car), entering a concrete road to the right of an obvious waterfall that going up will turn into a path and following the signs for Col Rodella will take you to take off.

  • Difference in altitude: 1000mt
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: hours 2
  • Take-off: presence of several take-offs with various exposures

Vael is the town overlooking the town of Vigo di Fassa at the foot of the Roda di Vael and where the namesake refuge is located. It starts from the locality of Larcione which is located immediately after the town of Vigo in the direction of Bolzano. Under the town of Larcione there are a myriad of meadows and therefore there will be no difficulty in landing.
Go up towards Malga di Vael along path nr E 547 which you take back towards Vigo up to the Vael hotel, from here you go up towards the west and following the signs on the signs.

  • Difference in altitude: 870mt
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: 1.5 / 2 hours
  • Take-off: in Col de Ciampac, 200m from the Vael refuge (see map), facing East, South East
  • Advice: it is preferable to go there early in the morning, in the afternoon the wind almost always comes from the Carezza pass and therefore too crooked to take off
Roda di Vael

Roda di Vael:
this is already an itinerary for skilled paragliders and hikers, the take-off is more technical and the conditions must be evaluated with due consideration, in addition to reach the top an aided (easy) route must be taken. Surely one of the most beautiful and satisfying places for hike and fly in Val di Fassa.
Climb as for the previous route from the locality of Larcione to the Vael refuge, from here follow the signs for the Masare via ferrata which will take you to the top, where the take-off is also located.

  • Difference in altitude: 1400mt
  • Difficulty: for experts (we recommend the support of a mountain guide)
  • Time: from 3 to 4 hours
  • Take-off: meady and a bit stony facing east, we recommend only early in the morning and without prevailing weather winds
Col Pelous

Col Pelos:
Col Pelos is a grassy hill overlooking Canazei and Campitello in a southerly direction, beautiful for hike an fly because given its huge meadows there will hardly be any problems with take-off, the view sweeps over all the massifs of the Val di Fassa.
Starting from the landing in the locality of Ischia in Campitello, head towards Canazei along a comfortable forest road until you reach the bar de Ca, which is located on the ideographic left in front of the Canazei ski school. Behind the bar starts the path to Crepa Neigra, col Pelos. If you arrive at the Crepa Neigra saddle you will find take-off by following the grassy ridge towards Campitello.

  • Difference in altitude: 1000mt
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: 2/3 hours
  • Take-off: grassy with all exposures
Col Bel

Col Bel:
Col Bel is a meadow that certainly owes its name to the beautiful panorama that surrounds it, in fact from here you have a 360 degree view over the entire Val di Fassa. Here we will explain how to reach it from the town of Pera di Fassa. Park in Pera in Picocaa, near the playground and adventure park, near a sawmill. The landing is a little further on in the meadows that divide Pera from Pozza.
From the adventure park, follow the signs for Val Giumella, going up at a certain point you will meet a hut, continue to climb along the forest road until you cross a road that on the right would lead to the departure of two chairlifts, but we will remove ourselves from the forest road. and we take the path that goes up on the left. Arrived on a saddle where you can see the valley below, go left on comfortable meadows following the ridge in 10/15 minutes you get to col Bel.

  • Difference in altitude: 1100mt
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: 2/3 hours
  • Take-off: grassy facing south east, south, south west particularly suitable for evening sooaring
Marmolada 3.342 mt

Wonderful experience to do, climb on foot to the top of the queen of the Dolomites and then take off with the paraglider and glide up to Canazei. Clearly the thing is very demanding, either because of the 3342mt altitude, or because it is a glacier and because it takes perfect conditions. Climbing to the top of the Marmolada involves mountaineering preparation, the ability to know how to move on the glacier and a good workout. For those who do not have to move on this terrain or in any case do not feel completely safe in doing so, we recommend that you consult a local mountain guide (call us for info on this).

The starting point is the Fedaia pass, from here you go up towards the glacier with indications for the Pian dei Fiacconi refuge. The glacier begins just above the refuge, put the crampons in the direction of the Roccette (short rocky passage leading to the summit plateau) this passage is served by steel cables, which however do not completely cover the stretch. Once you reach the top of the Rocette, go up towards the refuge (refuge located 200/300 meters above sea level. In summer, the refuge also offers the possibility of staying overnight, so you can also think about climbing, sleeping there and taking off the following morning. (highly recommended for the fantastic sunsets and sunrises).

The take-off takes place a few meters below the refuge heading north.

Difference in altitude: 1300mt

Landing: Alba di Canazei, or Canazei

Difficulty: very high


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