The idea was born to give a 360 degree service in the world of paragliding, with a demo sails test center you can come and touch and try countless types of sails so as to give you the opportunity to get a clear idea of what is best for you. A collaboration with Superfly360 by Hannes Kostner who has been operating for years in the resale of all material dedicated to the world of free flight.
How the demo sail testing center works:
Scroll through the list of sails, check availability on the date you are interested in, the model and size. Block the reservation. On the day of the test you will have to tell us your arrival time to collect the material.
The sails must be returned after the flight directly to landing.
The trial is free, clearly the material is your responsibility for any damage or accidents, after the flight we will only ask you to fill in a form on the satisfaction of the material.
And if you are interested in purchasing, ask us for a quote.
Remember to bring your valid patent and insurance.


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